Sanat Kumara explains the 1st Universal Law, The Law of Purpose

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Een artikel over de werking van de 1e Universele Wet de Wet van het Heilige Doel, door Sanat Kumara, hoeder van de Universele Wetten voor de Aarde. Gechanneld door Linda Dillon. 

Today we launch our series exploring Universal Laws, starting with the sacred Law of Purpose which is defined as freedom to embody and be in alignment with our sacred selves. Universal Law is how things work, not just on Earth, but throughout the universe…it is the alignment with the divine mind, heart and will. It is your way home.

Sanat Kumara/Raj: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, and yes I invite you, I urge you to call me Raj. Welcome my beloved friends, my family of Earth, of Gaia, and far beyond. Welcome sweet angels of light, starseed, earthkeeper, hybrids, pathfinders, showers of the way, portals, gatekeepers, pillars, you are all of these things and so much more. And I am pleased to step forward in this way and to serve you, yes to tutor you, to teach, but also primarily simply to help you remember because dear hearts all of this information, this deep fundamental knowing, has been anchored within thee for eons.

Some of you are newcomers to Gaia, newcomers to Earth, but you are not newcomers to the universe. And you have come in your mastery not only to anchor the shift and the ascension of humanity; but in that, and part of that ascension, is the adherence of the human collective to higher law, to original law, to the only law that has meaning and that is the law of the universe, what you would think of as the framework of operations from Mother/Father/One.

It is not simply how Gaia and those upon her work, create, and bring forth Nova Earth. It is also the way your star brothers and sisters and those far beyond operate. It is the laws that Saint Germaine, Jesus Sananda, St. Theresa, St. Francis, the Archangels and of course myself, we all adhere to Universal Law. It is the alignment – in one way for you to think of it – it is the alignment with the divine mind, heart and will. It is your way home.

Yes, the inter-dimensional reality is strong upon Earth at this time and it is being restored rapidly every single day. But what we speak to you of this day is not simply what is occurring and what is the framework for Earth, for each of you, but for all.

That is important for you to understand. I am sent this day to explain to you, not in a general oversight but in specific detail, how things work. And it is my joy, my golden joy, to be able to do this; to know that your hearts and minds, your bodies, are not only just ready to hear and incorporate this understanding but that you demand it.

As you have released the old 3rd, as you have released those laws, formal and informal, because what are dictums of society and false grids except laws that have gained ground and are illusions. As you are releasing all of that, you need to understand it is not just fruitful, it is necessary to understand the reality of how things operate, how things work.

Originally, human law was a reflection of justice, of divine justice – which is nothing more than fairness, balance – they were intended to be simply a codification in human wealth, yes wealth, of understanding how to operate. To be a reflection of exactly what Suzanne has said; thou shalt. Love your neighbor as yourself. These are the laws of love. Well, that got a little decimated upon the planet.

Now we do not suggest that you go out and you break every human law available. That would not be wise counsel. But each of you also has reached the point that you also know and understand that you are adhering to a higher level, a cleaner level, of love, of ethics, of integrity, of behavior. But this is not simply to keep behavior loving. It is also to help you understand and begin to create. And that is why we have begun this day in this magnificent series, if I do say so myself.

We want to explain your Law of Purpose. Everything, everything throughout the universe has purpose. And you can break it down and you can put it under a microscope but every atom, every subatomic particle, everything has purpose. And that is something, to a great extent, not by you my beloved lightworkers but by the general population, it has been forgotten. So it is my job and yours to remind them. The Law of Purpose includes, embraces, embodies self-determination and choice.

Now within that is when you are in alignment with the Mother’s plan there really isn’t a lot of choice but there are variations. How does this law work? And understand what I say, that the Law of Sacred Purpose is the same for the atoms that compose a table, a planet, the hair on your head or the lack thereof, your blood, your skin, your heart, your mind, and your entire being. So you are an integrated person, human, that has many of these fibers and particles coming together in divine purpose to serve you, to assist you in the fulfillment of who you are, of what your promise is, of what your heart’s desire is, and what you choose to do.

Now, how does this work. And I want to be a very practical teacher. You know, this learning that I share has been incorporated on my planet of Venus for a very long time. But in the beginning we had the same struggles, we had the same questions, we had the same queries and doubts. So do not worry about this, leave the worry to us, to me and simply allow this knowing to flow within thee and to be anchored deeply not only within your heart but within your very bones.

Now I want to use that practical example that I referred to. Knowing your alignment with your sacred purpose is like red light/green light. You often say “I feel like I am in the flow, what I am trying to create, what I am thinking, what I am feeling, how I am pursuing things, it’s simply clear sailing.” When it is clear sailing, it is because you are in alignment with your sacred purpose.

Now I put a proviso on this. It means that it is clear sailing because you have also relinquished fear and doubt and worry, anger, limitation; but that is a whole other discussion. But I must add it here for you to have the broader understanding.

When it is a red light, when you feel that you are pushing against the tide, against the current, that nothing seems to go right, that is because, nine times out of nine times, because it is not in alignment with your sacred purpose, with your heart. Beloved angel you are taking a left turn when you should have turned right.

This is not a monumental mistake or crime. You simply backtrack, regroup and turn right. It does not need to ever be high drama. All those stoppages are simply you, yourself, your higher self, your universal self, your stranger, your guides, telling you this is not what you want to do.

And it can be simple as I want to go to the store and buy this. And it doesn’t work and it doesn’t work and you go to the store twenty-two times and you always forget to buy that item. It can be as simple as thinking that you want to fall in love with a certain person and no matter how much you see them, no matter how much you date, no matter how often you go out on adventures that spark isn’t there. It can be as simple as your thought patterns “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m unlovable, I’m unloved, I’m really not worth anything”. This is horrendous. And never, never could that be in alignment with your sacred purpose.

All law, all Universal Law, including especially the Law of Purpose, is birthed from love. Plain and simple. There is not a law that is not of love. And therefore any thought, any action, every opinion that you have that is less than, is not in accordance with Universal Law and not in accordance with Law of Purpose.

That is why it is so important my dear friends to know, to come to understand and be joyful in the knowing of your sacred purpose. And it is unique and particular to you; you are the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan for Gaia, just as the trees, the mountains, the grass, the oceans are. It is a harmonious creation and fulfillment.

But it is difficult for you to proceed and you have done so bravely and courageously and with enormous fortitude, but it is hard if you are swimming around in the dark, is it not? So come; come and sit with me in that sacred chamber of your heart and let this knowing of your sacred purpose in alignment with the Law of Sacred Purpose let it come forth and let yourself rejoice because that is your purpose. It is to be love, to be joy, to be of One.

I am here with you and I am here to answer your questions.

SM: Welcome Raj, thank you for joining us this morning and sharing this information. I appreciate being able to talk to you. With purpose being the freedom to step into who we truly are would you please speak to the whole point of the earth experiment being for the experience of diving into density and making ourselves grow through fighting our way back, when we finally emerge from the lower dimensional illusion and think it’s going to be a party of big proportions.

Raj: There most certainly will be, as there was long ago on Venus, which is also a planet of love as you know, we are creating a universe of love, a multiverse of love. Now, the sacred purpose of Gaia was never density. Understand what I say because this is where we are going to expand and throw out some outmoded ideas.

The 3rd dimension was simply so that you angels and star beings could come to earth and have a physical experience, whether it was for thirty seconds or three thousand years. It was simply intended in the Mother’s plan to be a planet of play for her angels. Now when the humans assumed form, and we are talking a progression over millions of years, the density rather than being in joy, we are just even talking about the density of physicality, became enormous.

Now is this an error in the Mother’s plan? No. So let us fast-forward. The humans were practicing creation. So when we speak to you of creation, this is nothing new. You have created greed, control, lack, limitation, hatred, war, famine, all of these things are creations.

Now are they of love? No. Therefore, they cannot be sustained. When you create something, when you collect the molecules and they are not in accordance not only with your sacred purpose but with the Mother’s purpose that she has assigned, her grander plan, if it is not in alignment it will not be sustained. And when we speak of the Law of Elimination we will go into that further.

Now fast-forward even more. Did you come to earth and into this density in you mastery in this lifetime – and by the way each of you, many lifetimes – you did not simply begin to assume your mastery in the last hundred years. You have been working on this for quite a while, if not on earth then elsewhere.

You have come to dispel the density, so not to be caught in the quagmire – the mud – of that density; not to lie down and be sucked into a sinkhole. No. You came to abolish the density and to assist the Mother and Gaia in the restoration of her plan. And in the restoration of that plan is the plan of you. This is a chapter of your existence and granted it is a very exciting chapter, a chapter that includes adventure and ascension and creation and return to One. But it is only a chapter.

So, you say, “Well then why do we experience, why do I feel so pulled down by the density.” Well dear heart if you do not experience it, how do you break it. And that is why so many of the lightworkers, light holders, love bearers do experience the density. Yes, you say to me, “SK how come some are completely oblivious not only to the density, to the heaviness of such false grids and paradigms, such vasanas, how do they not know, why do they not seek freedom?” Because they are not awake. Because the density is like a cloak that they have embraced and that they hold near and dear. Does that make it real? No.

Now, how is that for an explosive start my friend?

SM: Oh I think it’s magnificent. Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could speak to what you said earlier on An Hour With an Angel, and this ties in with what we’re talking about, about the rest of the universe waiting for Earth to complete her ascension process so that they can also make their jump to whatever their next level is, and why Earth.

Raj: Because it is her sacred purpose. If you go back to original purpose, to the sacred purpose of Gaia, when the Mother said, in her infinite creation, “I would like a place for my angels to play,” Gaia who up until that time was in the form and the energy and the fullness of being an Archangel, said, “Mother I will do it. It would be fun for me; I will assume this physical reality form, I will not forget who I am, but I will play at this for awhile and I will have such diverse beauty, even more, listen to what I say, even more and greater beauty than an archangel.” And so the Mother gave her, infused her, with her idea, with the energies to bring forth this planet of ultimate beauty.

But it was never part of the plan that Gaia would simply be eternal, that she would always be in this form or that the humans would be here indefinitely, forever. It was intended to be evolution, soul evolution. And as the density upon the planet became heavier, the adjustments to the Mother’s plan and the intensity of her energy to Gaia, to Earth, to humanity to ascend, to come back full circle to where they were intended to be, grew.

That is why we say that it is not simply an ascension into the 5th dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom, in form, to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia, and be able to utilize that and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness.

And I wish to speak to that because love is the form of consciousness; it is complete consciousness. And do not confuse consciousness and heart consciousness and love consciousness with intelligence. There are planets that are phenomenally advanced and highly intelligent but they have not perfected the anchoring of that grid of love. And that is the sacred purpose of Gaia and all upon her; it is the beauty of love. And yes, they are waiting in the wings.SM: I have to say that hearing about how it was not in the original plan for the Earth to be so abused and put upon and it brings up grieving for me and sadness and I know that kind of feeling doesn’t serve, but clearly there is also a very large benefit to the density that we’re pulling ourselves out of.

Raj: Yes, and do not underestimate grieving. Do I wish for you or any of you to live in sorrow? Absolutely not. But to acknowledge one’s heart sorrow is to allow it to go. It is to allow it to be healed. And there has been a great deal of grief and sorrow, a sadness upon your planet and certainly amongst humanity.

You cannot witness the atrocities to Gaia and the atrocities of war, famine, the meanness, the cruelty to each other; you cannot witness that, be in your heart and not feel grief and sorrow. But the key is to let that go, to raise yourself into the love, to acknowledge not in fault or blame or guilt, but to not be foolhardy and say, “Well I will just pretend that didn’t exist or that didn’t happen.” No, this contributes to the understanding and it contributes to the collective will to shift, to not be in that place of destruction.

SM: Thank you for that. I felt pretty solid on the energy work that I’ve been doing but lately it’s been kind of a blank feeling, like a silent interlude that leads to something that hasn’t been spoken yet into being. Perhaps in the past I would have thought that each of our individual agreements would have been made, but is this the point where our agreements are getting close to being satisfied and we get to make new ones?

Raj: Yes and no. But let us go to the yes first because that is what you all need to hear. Yes, your agreements are about a hairs-breadth away from fulfillment.

Now does this change the core of who you are? Your original idea? And your sacred purpose? No. Because that sacred purpose, in a multitude of definitions, is the essence of who you have chosen to be. Even if you are a ball of sheer energy, your essence is phenomenally beautiful but also defined. It is your uniqueness.

So let us use this example: you’re about to complete your mission here. And yes, some of you will decide to stay, not only for hundreds but for thousands of years. You want to see the rebirth of Gaia, the Cities of Light; you want to see the love blooming in every form.

But say there are some of you who will say, “No, I’m leaving; I’m going to be that ball of energy and I am going to spiral throughout deep space waving to the Mother, knowing that it’s not quite yet time to go home and I’m going to assume another form; maybe I’m going to be Andromedan, maybe I’m going to be a comet, maybe I’m going to be a planet. Maybe I’m going to be a dolphin on Sirius, or a whale.” So yes, the option for renegotiation shall we say – without leaving your form in terms of dying – is right there.

Does this answer your question?

SM: Yes it does. I’m personally looking forward to shapeshifting and doing whatever feels good to me in the moment.

Raj: You know, this was part of the joy that in your original form, angelic or otherwise, that you could pop into earth and try on a human form – male, female infant, adult, elder. There are some of you that have joyfully become a full mountain range, a drop of water in the ocean, or the entire ocean. So you have had those options and the ability to pop in and out, jump in and out, and try on these forms the same way children play dress-up. That was the intent. So you are exactly on track dear heart.

SM: Wow. Thank you, I so look forward to it. So, callers get ready. Are you ready, Raj?

Raj: I am ready. I have been waiting for this.

SM: Area code 248, Jillena you are on the air.

Jillena: Hello, Raj. And Suzi and Linda. Am I ready? I’m looking at this becoming more aware than I have not yet, I don’t have a clear understanding of the creation codes and Universal Law, and the thirteen virtues and blessings, although I have maybe a head start more than most. But I’m realizing that by coming into a deeper understanding of these things, things will become clearer. And where I’m rather stuck at the moment is looking at the old 3D and knowing that it’s been referred to as a hologram and that we are now anchored in a higher dimension shall we say. Looking at how this comes together, what I’m trying to say is, I’m not so much looking for myself as a person and what my purpose is, I’m just looking at how to balance all of these major components. I’d like to be operating in the more creative, creation mode, but I’m also experiencing the old 3D and straddling between all of these. Could you perhaps give a little more clarity on these?

Raj: Yes, you are straddling between dimensions because you are assisting with the completion shall we say of the old 3rd. Now, let us go back to basics.

Humans and to be on earth means that you have the availability within the realm of human experience of 12 dimensions, including the 3rd. Now, during this time of illusion and during this time of change many have divorced themselves from the 3rd dimension and said, “I never want to go there again” but of course they are referring to the false 3rd, to the false illusions that grew up in the 3rd dimension.

The 3rd dimension as it is being cleaned up is where you can experience not only free choice but physicality. And in physicality have the experience of all the various dimensions. So there is a push/pull and dear heart, you are not alone in this, this is not unique to your situation and it is exactly what has been experienced in the past as well.

So the part of you that is saying, “I don’t want to be in the old 3rd, I know that it is fading, I know that it is not real, oh and by the way I go to work there because that is where the work is but I hate it.” That is why Archangel Michael has been so clear with all of you that part of your ascension process is making peace not only with the old 3rd but also coming to embrace what we would call and refer to as the new cleaned-up 3rd.

When you close your eyes and you think of beauty and this is particularly true of you sweet Jillena, do you not see the fairies resting on the flower petals? These wonderful sparks of light flying free? Do you not see and feel and smell the pine forests and the dampness of earth near the creek? The richness of the soil in spring? The sweetness of a baby’s giggle? Of their first steps and first words?

These are of the 3rd dimension. You do not wish to eradicate those joys; they are a gift directly from the heart of the Mother. So you are allowing the old 3rd; you are a systems buster and I say that as one myself and all of you are in this boat with me. You are breaking the systems and the illusions of the old 3rd, but you are not eliminating the experience of the beauty of Gaia which is the clean 3rd, clean dimensional experience.

And from that place, in body, then you really operate anchored in the 5th but still are having a physical experience being able to embrace the magic the alchemy of the 4th, the beauty elsewhere, the creativity of the 8th, the mastery of the 11th, so do not think that you aren’t on track. Is it a lot to incorporate? Yes. And that is why I have asked Linda and Suzanne to contribute, to donate, to commit to these four months with me.

Now, we will have fun. And as you start to apply these laws, you will see the sky and far beyond are not the limit. The key here is as you go forward as you doubt yourself and say, “Oh I am not in my mastery yet” and I correct you and say, “Yes you are, accept it – and the key is loving yourself.”

SM: Okay, so we’re on to another caller. Area code 510, are you with us?

Caller 510: Thank you. Good morning Raj. Please scan my being fully, read my heart and mind. I would really like to better understand the Law of Purpose in relation to, not I, but the Christ in me. Everyone I speak to says it’s not possible but my desire is to surrender my life and being completely to the divine plan; that it is my free will that I can only do or be nothing other than be in perfect alignment. Spirit can work with me freely so whatever needs to be done to achieve the great work whether I ask or am consciously directed or not, that I can sit down and converse with my guides every morning and truly consciously co-create with spirit in what we create here. But everyone says this is not appropriate and it’s not possible and so on. I find it’s difficult to put into words but if you can speak to whether this is right or possible I would be very grateful.

Raj: It is not only possible, dear heart, it is the plan. It is not simply your individual sacred plan that you be in alignment with divinity and with your divinity, it is what ascension is about. And make no mistake about it, some of you feel the anchoring in the higher dimension of the 5th more clearly than others. But that is the same as saying that some people have a better sense of smell than others. It doesn’t mean that the majority of you don’t have noses.

The purpose, the collective purpose of humanity and within that the collective purpose of humanity at this juncture of what you think of as ‘time’ is ascension and what is ascension? It is moving into heart consciousness; it is the restoration of love. It is the alignment with sacred purpose and what is that? It’s how we began. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your will with the heart and mind and will of Mother/Father/One.

Universal Law, it is not complex. It is about that alignment. It simply tells us the how to, so we would never encourage you to be dismissive of people but we would strongly encourage you to be dismissive of false ideas.

Caller 510: I understand the idea of alignment but in practical terms does that mean that I can have a full conversation like this on a regular basis, if you like, and why that is so difficult now. It seems impossible without Linda’s assistance.

Raj: No. This is the situation of surrender. And of allowing it to emerge. And so it is also a matter of allowing it to emerge not only from your subconscious and unconscious but into your conscious. You are only thinking that this cannot happen. It most certainly can and you are receiving messages, insights, direction, guidance, and every now and then a very strong nudge, all the time. No, I am not urging you to practice patience; I am urging you to sit down and allow these presences to make themselves known.

It is not only possible, it is what not only what you desire, but that we desire as well. We are meeting in the middle.

Caller 510: Thank you. Well I just wondered if he could speak for everyone, this idea of surrender, because I try really hard, I think everyone does, and the question of try and surrender, that paradox; maybe he could just speak a little bit more about surrender and what does it feel like.

Raj: Surrender is the complete opening of your heart. Now very often the human beings and particularly because the references has been used in terms of war or conflict, surrender tends to be linked with defeat and in fact surrender is victory.

Now, who or what are you surrendering to? You are surrendering first and foremost to your beloved sacred self, to your sacred purpose. So surrender. I give you a visual: it is lying on the floor or on your bed, arms and legs akimbo and saying, “I give up. I surrender.” Now you have all, every one of you, had moments where you have felt this way. But what it has been attached to has been this feeling of defeat. ‘I can’t go on anymore.’

Try this in terms of simply surrendering the way you would do in an incredible love relationship. The kind you either have or that you dream of. And that you are creating in this very moment by the way. Lie on your bed, and say, “I surrender and I will hear and I will allow.” Do not even try the automatic writing or the verbal channeling. Just surrender and let the voices come or the understandings speaking to your heart come.

Now there are a few of you in this time of transition who have agreed not to be able to have those conversations. And they are rare. We are talking a handful of people on the planet. Now why would you do that? One is so that you stay in your body; that as soon as you are reunited with our energies that you would fly home. And the agreement is that you want to stay in your body until the job is done. This is rare. The second is that you are teaching patience, fortitude and the miracle of faith, that you have faith despite having a conversation. But I say to you, dear listener, you are not one of those people. So on your bed surrender and let it come. I will be your guide.

Caller 510: Thank you.

Raj: You are welcome. And Jesus Sananda will be there as well.

SM: We have time for one more caller. Area code 303 are you with us?

Caller 303: Thank you. Well I have a practical question. I’m kind of straddling the 5th and the 3rd; can I get your advice on how be in the 5th and following our purpose and do our souls’ work while taking care of ourselves in a 3rd dimensional way?

Raj: This is a practical question but it also a very important one, so thank you.

First of all, you are firmly planting your feet in Gaia, deeply embedded in the heart of Gaia. So every day, a minimum of once a day, because you are on this journey with Gaia you go down, you drop your cord out of your root chakra, you see yourself going down through the layers of earth, directly to the heart of Gaia. You give her your cord, you give her your heart, and you remain firmly anchored in Gaia. That is how you remain fully-anchored in the 5th.

Then, what you are doing and I would urge each and every one of you to not spend all your day working in the old 3rd, because it is exhausting, it does not give you incredible joy, it does not give you incredible freedom. So do your work there but then also play in the renewed 3rd and that means being outside enjoying the beauty, the bunnies, the deer, the dogs, the cats, the grass, the dirt, nature, the sky.

Travel inter-dimensionally because your sacred purpose is not simply tied to cleaning up the 3rd. You did not simply come to be the clean-up crew. Are you the clean-up crew? Yes. But you also get time off. So you would tend to the necessities, knowing that you are creating more than enough, amply what you need for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones, and for your community. But don’t anchor there. See that you are leaning over reaching into the 3rd but you are not staying there, you are not living there because you cannot live in the mist.

SM: Thank you. So, Area code 704 are you with us?

Caller 704: Hello. I think I’m somewhat like your last caller. I was just like some advice on keeping my energy high and not getting sucked into 3D because I have a plan for how to get out of my current 3D situation. It relies on me not getting stuck in ego so I guess I’d like some advice on that.

Raj: You have brought up a good point. That is ego. The key to not getting stuck in ego is to simply love it, love it, and then love it some more. We are not out to destroy ego. But we are here to assist in the bringing of ego into balance.

Ego is that part of yourself, a delightful part of the personality, that tends to need, especially during this time during transition, a tremendous amount of reassurance. And when you reassure the ego, when you reassure your mental and emotional body that they are not being shut down, then they allow you to operate in the higher vibration. So tell it, talk to it, reassure it, love it, appreciate it and then set it aside.

Caller 704: That makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

SM: Raj, I am thinking next week we’re going to be doing Intent. Have you got a minute’s worth of closing comment?

Raj: I would like for you to think during this week about your sacred purpose and then we will travel forward about how the Law of Intent translates the knowing and the embrace of that sacred purpose into the beginning of creation, which is intention. It is in alignment with all. But it is in alignment with what you want, with what you desire and what you choose to pursue. I cannot wait.

SM: I am looking forward to it as well. Thank you so much for joining us for this.

Raj: You are so welcome, all of my beloveds. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-13-13


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